Planned Menu: Makimono Cooking Class, April 8, 2018

  1.  Grilled Anago (Salt Water Eel) and Shredded Cucumber Roll あなごとキュウリ
  2. Beef Teriyaki, Fried Beans, Carrot Roll  ビーフ照り焼き、揚げインゲン、人参
  1. Prawn, Avocado, Tobiko with Chili Mayonnaise Inside Out Roll    裏巻き、海老、アボカド、トビ子、チリマヨネーズ
  1. Herb Cured Ocean Trout with Cucumber, served with Soy Sauce and Wasabi   オーシャントラウトハーブジメ、きゅうり、醤油、ワサビ
  1. Final Broth with Savoury Egg Custard Roll, Chives    お吸い物、寄せ玉子、チャイブス

Dashi making is covered in all classes.

Menu is subject to change due to availability of ingredients and other factors.

We use soy sauce and miso, which contain gluten.