About Us

About Kei:

Kei first came to Sydney, Australia more than 50 years ago with her family. Her love of cooking (and eating) prompted Kei to experiment and create ways of reproducing Japanese flavours from local ingredients.

Kei celebrated a major milestone in 2012–her 30th year of teaching Kaiseki cooking. Kei and her kaiseki cooking class were featured in Maeve O’Meara’s Food Safari program in December, 2007 on SBS and repeated a few times since..

Most of Kei’s students were Japanese people, but about 15 years ago, Kei began classes in English with the assistance of her daughter Masako.

Kei also makes a range of handmade sauces and dressings, available online and in Sydney at Tokyo Mart, Northbridge Plaza.

Kei’s Kitchen:

Kei’s Kitchen is a very small “cottage” concern (maybe more like a suburban house) run by Kei and her daughter Masako.