Japanese Food: cuisine for all seasons

Kei’s Kitchen website reflects our consummate interest in Japanese cuisine, cooking, eating, so we hope you will find it an accessible resource on Japanese food.

This website has articles on Japanese food you can peruse. The Japanese Cuisine section explores  food, history, culture. The Japanese Ingredients section contains articles about Japanese foods like the very basic Soy Sauce.

Media Reviews includes articles on books, movies, blogs and other media. In the Recipes section you’ll find easy recipes that you can try easily at home.

Kei’s Kitchen’s Online Deli is where you can purchase our original hand made products. We ship only to addresses within Australia.

Kei’s Kitchen ran kaiseki cooking classes in Australia for the past 40 years (40th anniversary 2022). Kei started running cooking classes for Japanese expats in 1982, and in 2002, she teamed up with her daughter Masako to also run classes in English.

But as of 2024, we will no longer run classes for the public. Thank you to all our former students. We just loved cooking with you!

To contact us, please email masako