Recipe Ideas for Kei’s Kitchen Yakitori Sauce

Yakitori sauce (or sometimes called teriyaki sauce) is so easy to use, and so yummy on anything from meat to fish to vegies. Don’t marinate, but just pour on in the last moments of cooking and allow to caramelise if desired, or just after cooking if you’re using a barbeque and don’t want a messy hotplate. If you want to marinate meat of fish prior to cooking, just use a little soy sauce instead, but not for too long or the meat will get salty and tough.

1. Gyudon (Beef with Rice)

Slice wagyu or good quality beef into thin shabu shabu or sukiyaki slices. Pan fry quickly and pour on Kei’s Kitchen Yakitori Sauce in the final moment. Saute onions or shallots and place on top of steamed rice with the beef. Sprinkle with a little shichimi chilli if desired.

2. Teriyaki Mushrooms

Wrap up an assortment of mushrooms like enoki, shimeji, shiitake, crown, etc in some foil and bake or cook on barbecue. Pour on some Kei’s Kitchen Yakitori Sauce just before serving.

3. Teriyaki Seafood

Barbeque or pan fry swordfish fillets, Atlantic salmon or ocean trout fillets, prawns, cuttlefish; pour on Kei’s Kitchen Yakitori Sauce just before serving. A little in the pan to caramelise is nice.

4. Teriyaki Lamb

Barbecue or pan fry lamb and pour on Kei’s Kitchen Yakitori Sauce at the last minute.

5. Sunday Breakfast Scrambled Egg

A friend told us about this one–add a little dollop of Kei’s Kitchen Yakitori Sauce to your scrambled egg or omelette for a different flavour.

Kei’s Kitchen Yakitori Sauce keeps for over one year in the fridge.Kei's Kitchen Yakitori Sauce

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