Ofukuro no Aji cooking class, March 11, 2018

Thanks to Alissa, Michael, Simone, Paul, Jo, Jacqui, Madi and Serene for joining us.

Here was the menu of the day:

  1. Herb Cured Salmon with Special Shiso Dressing サーモンハーブじめ、しそドレッシング
  2. Miso Soup 味噌汁
  3. Fukuroni:Vegetables Simmered in Tofu Pocket  袋煮
  4. Chicken Kara-age with Special Shallot Dressing チキン唐揚げ、ネギソース
  5. Beans Dressed in Sesame インゲン胡麻和え
  6. Gyudon 牛丼


Photo by Yoko Watterson