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Forget cookbooks–just use Kei’s Kitchen sauces and dressings to add Japanese culinary inspiration to your everyday cooking repertoire.

Just click on the names of our products below for quick and easy recipe ideas:

Kei’s Kitchen Sesame Sauce

Kei’s Kitchen Sesame Dressing

Kei’s Kitchen Yakitori Sauce

Kei’s Kitchen Noodle Salad Dressing

Kei’s Kitchen Japanese Style Dressing

Kei’s Kitchen Almond Miso

Kei's Kitchen productsAnd click here for a week’s worth of recipe ideas using our products that will make eating Japanese at home easy, yet amazing.

Kei’s Kitchen believes in hand made slow food. Our sauces and dressings are made with only high quality ingredients and are currently available in Sydney at our Online Deli as well as Tokyo Mart in Northbridge Plaza, Good Living Growers Market (first Saturday of each month), Red Ginger in Byron Bay . We put the time in, so you can enjoy slow food in a fast world…

Also in the Recipes section, you’ll find easy recipes for everyday Japanese dishes. We will be adding to the recipe pool all the time, so please visit us often. Any suggestions are welcome.

In 2011, we discontinued our Kei’s Kitchen Umeboshi Dressing. In its place, we introduced Kei’s Kitchen Japudore or Japanese Style Dressing which is flying off the shelves.