Our Planned Menu: Autumn Shokado Bento Class, April 7, 2019

Shokado Bento is kaiseki presented in a lacquered box. Many dishes (more than the usual 7 course kaiseki) will be involved, and presentation is key. This class is nothing like an everyday Obento class, but high cuisine, and involves quite a bit of work! Be warned! Should be lots of fun

  1. Compartment 1 – Kuchitori (The Appetiser): Seasonal Mushrooms Kinpira; Grilled Scallop Served in a Yuzu Cup; Sweet Potato ‘Chestnuts’; Fried Ginko Nuts; Grilled Salmon in Yuan Marinade
  2. Compartment 2 – Agemono (The Fried Dish): Fried Prawn Balls; Asparagus, Lemon and Matcha Salt
  3. Compartment 3 – Takiawase (The Simmered Dish): Duck Jibuni with Fig and Snow Peas
  4. Compartment 4 – Gohan (The Final Rice): Shimeji Rice Topped with Grilled Quail
  5. Mukozuke (The Sashimi Dish): Tuna Shimofuri Style
  6. Wanmono (The Seasonal Broth): Tamagodofu – Egg ‘Tofu’ with Seasonal Shiitake, Carrot ‘Flowers’, Watercress Garnish

Menu is subject to change due to availability of ingredients and other factors.

Dashi making is covered in all classes