Osozai Menu Cooking Class, March 1, 2020

Had such a fun day with Cecilia, Martin, Maki, Yvonne, Trissa, Marina, Rob, Debra and Teresa making this menu. Thanks Maki for lovely sake too! And many thanks to Yoko.

Photo by Yoko
  1. Aburi-Salmon Ceviche Sauce
  2. Fried Fig with Mushroom Ankake Sauce
  3. Kei’s Special Seafood Dumplings with Special Hot Dipping Sauce
  4. Miso Marinated Quail with Myoga
  5. Shimeji and Porcini Rice

Luscious, slippery smooth Special Seafood (Scallop and Prawn) Gyoza (for Trissa)

Porcini and Shimeji Rice, with Butter…life is better with butter