Autumn menu kaiseki cooking class, May 5, 2019

Thanks Myer, Daniel, Justin, Ross, Jane, Prue, Bronwyn and Jason for joining us for our Autumn Menu Kaiseki Cooking Class. The Camellia Flower sashimi turned out…like a flower! Thanks to the lovely Yoko for the photos!

Photo by Yoko
  1. Sakizuke (The Appetiser): Autumn Fruits Aemono
  2. Wanmono (The Broth): Dobinmushi (Autumn Broth served in a Special Teapot) with Seasonal Mushrooms, Duck, Mitsuba, Yuzu
  3. Mukozuke (The Sashimi Dish): Tuna Sashimi as Camellia Flower
  4. Yakimono (The Grilled Dish): Fish ‘Manju’ : Ocean Pearch Filled with Seasonal Vegetables
  5. Takiawase (The Simmered Dish): Squash Filled with Crabmeat Served with Bekkoan Sauce
  6. Sunomono (The Vinegared Dish): Cucumber, Calamari, Black Fungus with Hot Miso Dressing
  7. Gohan (The Final Rice): Torimeshi – Chicken and Egg Rice
Torimeshi, Photo by Yoko