Summer Menu Kaiseki Class, Feb 2, 2020

What a fab start to a new year of cooking classes! Welcome back to Marina, who used to come every month to cook with us for about 5 years until 7 years ago, but now she’s back! Also welcome back to Myer and Daniel, Nie and Helen, who brought Alexander with us. Beautiful class, though weather was stinking hot! Lovely to see Yoko of course.

  1. Sakizuke 先付: Baby Abalone with Pickled Plum Paste
  2. Wanmono 椀物: Sawaniwan (Finely Julienned Seasonal Vegetables and Pork Broth)
  3. Mukozuke 向付: Scampi Carpaccio Style
  4. Yakimono 焼物: Chicken Teriyaki with Moromi Eschallot
  5. Takiawase 炊合せ: Fried Tofu, Prawns, Snow Peas and Green Yuzu
  6. Sunomono 酢の物: Seasonal Vegetables Dressed in Amazu, Hint of Myoga
  7. Gohan 御飯: Shoga-gohan (New Season Ginger Rice)
Photo by Yoko