Spring Menu Kaiseki Cooking Class, September 1, 2019

Thanks Ni, Myer, Daniel, Nel, Campbell, Jo and Wendy for joining our class on the first day of Spring. Sorry Teresa couldn’t make it due to illness.

We had hoped our kinome would be out, but alas! no kinome yet, so we had to make some alterations to the menu.

  1. Sakizuke (The Appetiser): Jellyfish, Cucumber, Carrot and Black Fungus Amazu-ae クラゲ、キクラゲ、きゅうり、人参甘酢和え
  2. Wanmono (The Broth): Snapper Steamed with Sake and Salt, Shiraga-negi (Finely Julienned Leeks) Soba, 鯛酒塩蒸し、白髪ねぎ
Sashimi as ‘Sydney Harbour’….Photo by Yoko
  1. Mukozuke (The Sashimi Dish): Snapper, Calamari, Prawn ‘Sydney Harbour’ Style 鯛、スミイカ、エビ、シドニー湾盛
  2. Yakimono (The Grilled Dish): Wagyu ‘Hakusen’ -Age 牛肉白扇揚げ
  3. Takiawase (The Simmered Dish): Prawn ‘Kimini’, Okra, Shiitake 海老の黄味煮、オクラ、椎茸
  4. Sunomono (The Vinegared Dish): ‘Shira-ae’ – Vegetables Dressed in Tofu 白和え
  5. Gohan (The Final Rice): Temarizushi (Small ‘Handball’ Sushi) 手まり寿司
Temarizushi, Photo by Yoko
Photo by Yoko