Our Planned Menu: Izakaya Menu Class or Japanese Tapas Dishes

Like Sake? Well here’s a great list of small dishes to serve to accompany sake or a little drink. Japanese tapas dishes:

  1. Chawanmushi or Savoury Egg Custard with Parmesan and Bottarga (Karasumi)
  2. Ocean Trout Ceviche with Special Dressing
  3. Quail Shioyaki with Sesame Miso Sauce
  4. Habutaeyaki or Baked Scallops with Golden Fluffy Mayo Topping
  5. Kara-age
  6. Oinarisan or Sushi in Sweet Tofu Pockets

Menu is subject to change due to availability of ingredients and other factors.

Dashi making is covered in all classes.