Our Planned Menu: Osozai Cooking Class, March 3, 2019

Japanese everyday eating is based around a bowl of rice, and we like to eat a number of different dishes (the more the better!) with our rice. This cooking class introduces these everyday dishes to accompany rice, or they can be snacks to accompany sake.

  1. Ocean Perch Nanbanzuke オーシャンパーチ南蛮漬け
  2. Kei’s Special Gyoza (due to popular demand) グルメ餃子
  3. Chicken Wings Simmered with Whole Shiitake チキンウィング煮物
  4. Lotus Root Dressed in Sesame レンコン胡麻酢あえ
  5. Tendon 天丼
  6. Miso Soup with Stir Fried Komatsuna and Fried Bean Curd Strips) 味噌汁(炒め小松菜と油揚げ)

Menu is subject to change due to availability of ingredients and other factors.

Dashi making is covered in all classes.