Autumn Menu Cooking Class, May 14, 2017

Thank you to Kylie, Tom, Dylan, Stella, Kevin, Nicola, Helen, Baptiste for a lovely class. Great results!

This was our menu:

  1. Sakizuke (The Appetiser) 柿なます Persimmon and Daikon ‘Salad’
  2. Wanmono (The Seasonal Broth)土瓶蒸し ‘Dobinmushi’—Fragrant Broth of Chicken, Seasonal Mushrooms, Mitsuba and Yuzu Served in a Teapot
  3. Mukozuke (The Cold Dish/Sashimi) 鯛焼霜  Snapper ‘Yakishimo’ Style
  4. Yakimono (The Grilled Dish) スカロップ羽二重   Scallop “Habutaeyaki”—Grilled Scallops with Fluffy Mayonnaise                  Sauce
  5. Takiawase (The Simmered Dish) 鴨と人参、絹さや Braised Duck with Carrot ‘Flowers’ and Snow Peas
  6. Aemono (The Vinegared Dish/Salad) アスパラアーモンド合え     Asparagus Dressed in Almond
  7. Gohan (The Final Rice) しめじとポルチーニ炊き込みご飯      Shimeji and Porcini Rice
Autumn Menu Kaiseki, Japanese Class, May, 2017
Autumn Menu Kaiseki with Dobinmushi