Cooking Class Schedule 2018 First Half

Autumn Menu Kaiseki, Japanese Class, May, 2017
Autumn Menu Kaiseki with Dobinmushi

In 2018, we’re running 4 kaiseki classes,  for people who have some familiarity with basic cooking.  All other classes are suitable for everyone, featuring simple dishes, the sort of dishes Japanese people eat at home.

Our Japanese cooking classes are for people interested in cooking Japanese food at home, not suitable for chefs.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept children under 18 years. And we do not issue open ended gift vouchers, as we’ve had too many problems with them in the past.

All classes are one-off, one-day sessions on Sundays from 10:00 am finish by 2 pm; held in Chatswood, Sydney; small–only about 8 people, so very hands on, meaning experience oriented. Participation is key. We are not a cooking school, we just run traditional Japanese classes, so our classes are personal, intimate and casual. Please read information about our classes so you know how they are run.

The class schedule for the first half of 2018 is below.

We use soy sauce in our cooking, which contains wheat/gluten. We usually include meat dishes in our classes because from experience, people prefer the inclusion of meat dishes. We cannot accept people with serious food allergies as our classes are too small to make alternate dishes using substitute ingredients. It is your responsibility to let us know if you have allergies.

Sunday, February 4: Summer Menu Kaiseki 夏の会席 Summer Menu Kaiseki with 7 seasonal courses $175 SORRY, this class is now booked out Our planned menu is here

Sunday, March 11: Ofukuro no Aji おふくろの味 Everyday dishes for the family $165 SORRY, this class is now booked out Our planned menu is here   

Sunday, April 8: Makimono/Sushi Rolls 巻物 Sushi Rolls for Bento and Parties…. $160

Photo by Yoko Watterson

Sunday, May 13: Autumn Menu Kaiseki 秋の会席 Autumn Menu Kaiseki with 7 seasonal courses $175

Sunday, June 3: Izakaya Dishes Class 居酒屋 Izakaya Dishes, tapas type dishes to enjoy with your sake… $165

Menu details will be revealed closer to the date of each class. For enquires and bookings, please email masakoWinter Menu Kaiseki, July 2, 2017