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1   Link   Our Favourite Sydney Japanese Fusion Restaurant
Head chef Chase Kojima's innovative and always surprising cuisine is fresh, sexy take on Japanese fusion. Kei's a fan...
2   Link   Interesting Kaiskei Restaurant Ryugin in Roppongi
One of the most interesting Kaiseki restaurants in Japan, winning international accolades. Twist on the traditional. Kei's been and loves it...
3   Link   Australian grown delicious mushrooms
Kei loves these shiitake, pine mushrooms, enoki, black fungus, crown mushrooms...
4   Link   Japanese Food Aesthetics on ABC Radio National
What makes Japanese food so beautiful? Listen to this 12 min program
5   Link   Japanese Grocery Store, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
Pretty crappy site, but has contact details...
6   Link   Learn Basic Japanese Cooking with...Francis the Dog
Cute site but good basic recipes and techniques. Funny if you like dogs in the kitchen.
7   Link   Harold McGee's Blog
The Julius Sumner Miller of Food, Harold McGee is great. Makes science palatable at the table.
8   Link   Basic Japanese Techniques
Tsuji is an excellent well known cooking school in Japan. This page has basic techniques in English.
9   Link   Kei's Kitchen featured in SMH's Good Living
The article is a bit of a puff piece, and some facts are wrong, but hey, another 2 seconds of fame...
10   Link   Masako's food obsession on ABC Radio National
Masako contemplates overconsumption, food obsession, foodies, multiculturalism and the meaning of sushi with mayonnaise and kaiseki on this radio feature...
11   Link   Kei's Kitchen on Food Safari
Masako's Norimaki TV debut
12   Link   One of Kei's Favourite Kaiseki Restaurants in Kyoto
Have a look and drool.
It's in Kyoto.
13   Link   The Asia Society
Reputable Japan food resource.

14   Link   The Stanford guide to Japan
Reputable Japan food resource.
15   Link   Internet resource on pottery
Basic knowledge on pottery.
16   Link   Japan Focus
Excellent social and political commentary on Japan.

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